lonely thoughts

Mind full of empty thoughts; i am a walking history book, standing on morals and truth tore on all sides. appreciated by none but use by all. mad at the mirror for showing a reflection of the rejection that the past present and future society has brought. talk like a time machine, eyes fill with … More lonely thoughts

mind love making

to make love to the mind is the most intimate thing that you can do for a person. it shows heart spirit soul and more than the body and when it connect it’s brings an bountiful harvest to your life and that what makes a everlasting love and soulmate and connection… – bro lc gent … More mind love making

“have you even had a dream that you was so sure that it was real;now how you would be able to tell the real world from the dream world. it the same as people they are a wake with


have you ever wonder why people you “never judge by the book” it only it because many time. we prejudge people base off of their background or the physical appearance. many people are guilty of this exactly ┬áthing. yes more people are even the ones who says that “i never judge anyone it not apart … More looks

woman force boyfriend to drink bleach, and get arrested

Twenty Four year old Yasmine T Elder is accused of forcing your boyfriend Darrius Ellis. To drink bleach while the two was fighting after Yasmine was pick up from work. Assistant state attorney Joseph Carlson release a statement saying that “Darrius Ellis was ask to pick Elder up from work. The two had got in … More woman force boyfriend to drink bleach, and get arrested

must be love

who remember there first love or third or who never had a love at all. hey dont feel bad some of us wish we never had loved in the first place. it to much stress and heartbreak that goes with it. but there is a lot of us who had or have great experience in … More must be love