Get to know me

Mr Lendel Clayton Taylor is currently a student at the Illinois media school. he is father of a daughter name Alana Marie Taylor who is his heart and soul. Lendel is currently an board operator for windy city underground. which is under the management of Illinois Media School very own Michelle Gonzalez. he love to helping his class with theirs projects. he have very proficient in his voice and in edition skills. he has a big heart for media and the arts that freelance to another classmates within the school in radio and audio.

Born on the Southeast-side of Chicago with my family by Evelyn Taylor and Leon Kilpatrick. he is the youngest of 3 children. even at an young age,he know that he was destine for greatness. Lendel went to high school at Olive-Harvey Middle College and it was there where he learn that he really had a heart for the arts. So he join school singing team and become youth counselor with his school ministry name Christ connection. from there he graduated from high school with honors in golden ambassador and senior class sergeant at arm.

Lendel Taylor hopes to own his own company in both audio and visual doing edition and ¬†production. also he is working on start as production and edition in both radio and television at Illinois media school. In hope that one-day that he can land a career in the media industry as an producer ¬†editor or programmer for radio and television. one thing that he will always say is ” there to be original”


. Mr Lendel Clayton Taylor the man with an vision, maturity and brimming with knowledge