work in process (i write this on the 9th of May)

sometime holding your peace is the strongest way to show your strength and courage. cuz as the years go on i find that if you let everything go out your mouth or through your actions is a sign of weakness that have not been address.15170821_255671854849777_1436336565348025195_n in fact it is sometime it type of makeup for your shortcoming in life. so iam learning that when you show to the eyes of people as weak slow dumb crazy;  you are not these it just means that you view in mirror of the spirit as a person who is unique for a greatness purpose and standard normal can and will not touch.

Also in saying when you think about revenge that is a double edge; if you use it right it will only cut one way but use it wrong then the you use it to do damage it will return in same or more measure. so i would dont use revenge unless you know the in and out of the way of the tool and just karma set a course forgive (if you can) and never forget the scar and or lesson that you gone through and reflect on it. never be quick to retaliate to the event that set you back. because


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