have you ever wonder why people you “never judge by the book” it only it because many time. we prejudge people base off of their background or the physical appearance. many people are guilty of this exactly  thing. yes more people are even the ones who says that “i never judge anyone it not apart of me”. well here is a shocker that those who say this and others have not though of,is that it more common to judge. but the true way of judging is to judge on the right level.

here’s what i mean about that have you ever, walk down the street you meet someone who who beings to move out of your way and grab their personals as soon you walk by them. now how did it make you feel, how did you look at yourself and at the person who do it. now let going on time past you and see that person again and this time you are work and doing something that seem normally for the person who perform this action would not even know that you can do.but you just smile, look at the person in the eyes and say hello i remember when we walk past each other and you look at me like if i was a bad person or  person with bad intention to harm you. but it a different because you now see a different side of me that you have not gave me a chance to show you or tel you about. that person look down and says i’am so sorry please forgive me i do not mean to make you feel out of place i should have calmly smile and say hi to you, and just maybe this second would have been a more better please accept me apology.

this a prime example of why i am putting this blog up, because the prejudging of all type nouns are happen where ever you go or what race or creed that you stand by.



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