must be love

who remember there first love or third or who never had a love at all. hey dont feel bad some of us wish we never had loved in the first place. it to much stress and heartbreak that goes with it. but there is a lot of us who had or have great experience in that area called love. for those who had that great experience than may you continue with your heart. but for those who had heartbreak after heartbreak listen to this advice.

let tell you something that you should know. Here a person who know what you going through; first NO  you are not a bad person and no you are not ugly or unattractive. as an matter of fact there nothing wrong with you at all. it can be many reason of why you always find yourself in position of: lonely, hurt, confusion or heartbreak. have you ever thought that the problem is possible that type of panthers you are attracted to you or the signs that you receive or giving. Now wait i know what you thinking ; you are thinking “wait i thought you have say that it not my fault or there is nothing wrong with me”. Yes i had said that statement;but i am telling you the truth. see sometime we think that the signals that we put out is a part of our own doing. well at times it can be our own choice and other times it is program through everyday activity or the environment that we are around. all about how you view the world that can have effect on our everyday mindset and what shape and mode us in everyday that can mistaken to be our normal trait or behavior. so if you are use to hang around people who are: rowdy, rude, no self awareness etc. then i am sorry to say but this is what you will attract as a potental panther. Now you can change this by reinventing yourself and making the right changes to better your chances. maybe it not the enrivonment no maybe it the activity that you are doing that can effect that can be problemtic to your signals.

with these thing and people that we around and do can be change in a blink of an eye and willingness to say that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I CAN DO THIS NO MORE. Step 1: self movation is the most important key that you need, Step 2 confidence is attractive for to most but some think can be a turnoff. now let me explain why this attractive because confidence from you knowlegde and morals.

to be continuemr lc taylor copy


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