Old vs New school

im young man in my later twenty and i live in a city that seem to be change. when i talking the changes im talking mindset music moral and values . have you ever sat down and real thought about the reasons of change. do you approve of the changes that have come, well for me i do not really approve of the changes in moral mindset even laws. it seem like the way i grew with come and gone.

Today society are smart, creative and even fun. but when you look at how today world view on government, family moral and values, community and culture outlook. iam African american and what they called millennials. but the way i grow up you would think that i was baby boomer because my family stood on the principle and morals of life the important of self pride and belief. i was taught to respect any and everyone no matter walk of life race creed or age. i had to be about 13 years old when i saw the downfall of the society and that when i said to myself “i do not want to be associated with this society way or in other words i hate young people”.


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